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Easy, Effective Exercising Strategies Without Equipments While Staying Indoor What is Public Health with Dr. Kee Chan

How can I get and stay physically fit while staying indoor because of the Coronavirus Pandemic and/or because the weather is getting chilly, wet and snowy?  In this episode, you’ll learn very easy to implement tips to get and stay physically fit while staying indoors because of the cornovairsu pandemic or because the weather is getting cooler, wet, or snowy wherever you are.   Coach Andy and Mary Boimila will break down the different ways you can use simple tools and exercise with no equipments to get fit at home.  If you’re ready to have a makeover, and use this time staying home during this year 2020 as an opportunity to get physically fit and energized for the next year 2021, then, stay tune and listen on … Andy and Mary Boimila, a husband and wife team. They are owners and head coaches at Tradewinds Health and Fitness. Coach Andy grew up in traditional martial arts and uses that rigor and discipline in his CrossFit training. The more technical the movement, the better, with his specialty being the olympic lifts, especially the snatch.Coach Mary started her fitness journey playing team sports in soccer, cheerleading, and track & field. During college she was introduced to yoga and continues to practice . Mary recently received her Masters in Business Administration. Now she is often found working on her handstand walk and thinking up new ways to get people to smile. Learn more about their fitness and coaching program at https://www.crossfittradewinds.com/fitness/ — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/whatispublichealth/message Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/whatispublichealth/support
  1. Easy, Effective Exercising Strategies Without Equipments While Staying Indoor
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