Motivation and Procrastination are Two Sides of the Same Coin

Oh. I got a great idea, and here is another good one! The excitement of the new ideas can flood the mind, and you immediately get motivated to take action. However, for other things we tend to procrastinate, and that tomorrow would be another tomorrow. I see this procrastination tendency in myself, in my students and others.

Is it possible to create motivation or in other words, defend procrastination?

Researcher and Professor Pier Steel, who has researched on the theory of motivation theory, gives direct tools to stop procrastination or to get motivated.

screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-11-33-41-pmBased on this formula, the level of motivation (M) is directly related the level of expectancy (E) and the value of the activity (V) to be done and indirectly related to the one’s level of impulsiveness (I) and time delay (D).

Expectancy relates to the one’s ability to achieve or to carry out the activity and the value of the activity regarding personal (one’s confidence), work (salary bonus), or social (greater good for humanity). Impulsiveness relates to one’s desire for immediate gratification. The longer it takes to obtain the reward, the strongest impact that delay has on decreasing motivation.


person-1281607_1920Tip #1: To increase motivation, since the E and V are in the numerator of this formula, increase your expectancy (your ability to achieve) and the value of the activity.

Tip #2: If you tend to be impulsive in your decision-making and strive for immediate gratification, practice embracing boredom. Strive to be comfortable to wait for a reward. Linger in the presence and be patient.

Tip #3: Sit still, meditate, and listen actively and with intention. Pay attention. Observe the task. Ask yourself whether this task or goal matters to you.


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