Goal setting sets up success

Success is not defined by the outcome but by the process.  The new year is just around the corner so use this time to clear out the clutter blocking you from your goal, success, and destination.


The three types of goals for goal setting are: 

  1. Determine your “why”.
  2. Discover the “what”
  3. Learn the “how”.

You need to learn the ‘how’ to acheive to get “what you want” so they can acheive your “why”. 

Why is this goal important to you? The value you place on this goal can be related to you personally or to your family. Is the quality time you want to gain, people you want to make an impact on, or improve your own quality of file?

What is important about this ‘particular goal’? Ask yourself if this goal will lead you to your next career, help you get promoted, or transition to new area. Do you want to gain new knowledge, more money, or more time?

What is important about the way this goal is obtain? This is where the strategy is the key.  Make an inventory of the skills and task you must do or master or learn to get “what you want” to reach your ‘why’.

To be succesful at goal setting, you must master all goals : the why, what, and how .

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