The Secret Life of the Zodiac Animals

Happy Chinese Year 2017! It’s the Year of Chicken!

May the Rooster Wake Us Up to a New Era of Healthier, Happier, and  More Zen You ! On January 27,2017 (the eve of the new lunar year), I prepared a deep cleansing inside-out, sideway, and upside down throughout my home, and then I am reminded of how traditions and culture can shape our world and mindset.


After the shenanigans of the the past Monkey year (2016), this new year of the rooster will hopefully bring fresh optimism, yet requiring us to think quickly with wit on the new challenges in the upcoming year. I better gain some street smart to create new practical solutions or dodge any curve balls.

Just fun, I reviewed one of my new favorite horoscope books “The Secret Life of the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals”.: rabbit, tiger, rooster, dragon, snake, rat, pig, ram, monkey, dog, ox, and horse.  While I wonder the truth and the science of personality types based on your birth year, it is, nonetheless, entertaining.

So, the next time, I feel an instinct connection with someone (or not), it is probably not really me, or them; instead, it is our zodiac.

This year is also the beginning of a new presidential administration and we will have so many surprises awaiting for us.  As many public heath programs live and breathe with federal funds, we hope the traditions of bringing social change through grass roots, with a sense of community, and optimism will continue to drive our work forward and toward a brighter world.


Manage Your Health, Manage Your worth.

In the US, about 60% of bankruptcy is related to some type of health issues – expensive medical care, long-term care, and medication.  More than $80,000,000,000 (that’s $80 billions) spend on medical cost due to inactivity (so start moving today!) and 75% of this amount (which is $61.5 billions) is spent on medical care on treating preventable condition (See CDC facts below). Think of what we can do with that money (better schools, better roads, housing … etc).


Most of these issues are preventable. Here are the most leading causes of preventable health issues:

Based on the CDC, the top six health threats in the US: 

1. Heart disease

2. Cancer (lung, skin, prostate, and colon)

3. Automobile accidents

4. Chronic lower respiratory tract diseases

5. Stroke

6. Type II Diabetes

Change your lifestyle, change your health outcome.  Seven out of 10 causes of death can be reduced by positive change in exercise, diet, smoking and alcohol use.

Common Preventable Measures: don’t smoke, eat healthy diet, limit alcohol consumption, exercise regularly, healthy weight, manage stress, manage chronic conditions (blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes), healthy hygiene (washing hands and annual physical exam).

Most of these preventable measures are inexpensive activity to do so you can save $$$ down stream.